Rail Systems

The high-quality aluminum rail safety system is a versatile fall arrest and rope access system suitable for multiple users. The lightweight aluminum structural rails incorporate fully adjustable and adaptable fixtures and fittings providing limitless installation flexibility. It is ideal for securing work sites with low fall clearance and ideal for structure with limited fixing options due to the unique profile and high structural strength that enables up to 6m spans between supports. Rails low-profile design provides an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution for multiple users, allowing more complex maintenance tasks to be undertaken in an efficient manner.

Advantages of Rail Systems

  • 1 or up to 4 users depending system configuration
  • Uninterrupted, smooth travel
  • Low deflection
  • Continuous attachment
  • Reduced support structure required
  • Complete modular system
  • Retrofit to existing structures
  • Possibility of custom-made solutions with our engineering team.

Applications of Rail Systems

  • Fall arrest
  • Fall restraint
  • Work positioning
  • Rope access
  • Fa├žade access
  • Building access
  • Roof access
  • Overhead access
  • Horizontal access
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Rail Systems