Davit Systems

NZ Access offer a comprehensive and innovative range of height safety davit arm systems for all application types. These are a removable and portable davit designed to suspend a worker for the primary use of maintenance or confined space recovery solutions. The davit systems can be used in a range of applications from building façade access through to confined or restricted spaces access and rescues.

Advantages of Davit Systems

  • Discrete and portable
  • Lightweight solution
  • Low deflection
  • Complete modular system
  • Usable by rope access specialists

Applications of Davit Systems

  • Work positioning
  • Rope access
  • Façade access
  • Building access
  • Maintenance of hospitals
  • Maintenance of facades
  • Maintenance of Highrise buildings
  • Confined spaces
  • Restricted spaces
  • Working overwater
  • Watercare industry
  • Offshore industry.
  • Power industry
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Davit Systems