Whether working up high or down below, there are plenty of potential causes of accidents from working on roofs, commercial structures or access to critical infrastructure sites. Our fall arrest and restraint solutions come in a wide variety and if it’s not in our proprietary range we will custom engineer a suitable fall protection solution for you.

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Fall Protection Systems and Design Options

Anchor points are usually installed on roofs but can also be installed on a vast range of various structures and materials. Whether the requirement is for fall arrest or industrial rope access, our range of products from around the globe are carefully considered to ensure premium safety performance and design aesthetic.

Horizontal lifelines are typically a cable system installed parallel to a fall hazard. The engineered lifelines are designed to be used for either work positioning or fall arrest. With these types of systems, the user can freely walk and do their work along the cable system without having to disconnect, providing continuous attachment at all times. These fall restraint systems are often installed directly to roof sheeting and incorporate shock-absorbing components that reduce the end anchor loadings.

Rail systems are one of the most useful fall protection systems on the market. They are perfect for applications where you have minimal fall clearance and require a range of abseil and fall-arrest options. They can be configured to allow multiple users to work simultaneously, and offer flexible installation options for surface mounted, side-mounted and overhead applications. They provide even load distribution and excellent design aesthetics on buildings and structures.

Vertical lifeline systems provide hands free safe and reliable continuous attachment for workers who perform vertical climbing tasks. A variety of system designs are available to best specific job sites. This includes cable ladder systems and rail / track systems that both can be installed to existing or new ladders and structures.