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The Raptor Davit Arm

The RAPTOR DAVIT ARM is designed, engineered and manufactured with the end user in mind as a cantilevered anchorage device over balustrades and curtain walls for rope access work where workers are required to maintain building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a structure. These davit systems are an engineered single person device, designed to withstand a 12kN rope access load or safe working load of 400kg

Lightweight aluminium designed and with a great range of davit base fixing options for access on floors, roofs and walls allowing fall protection for operatives undertaking activities including façade access or access over architectural designed balustrades or curtain walls.


RAPTOR DAVIT ARM is designed to conform with the requirements of New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 5532:2013, AS/NZS/ISO22846 and AS/NZS 1891, and relevant codes of practices and guidelines.  

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