Selecting the right anchor points for your workplace

Selecting the right anchor points for your workplace

In many jobs, anchor points are an essential piece of equipment because they offer a safe connecting point for fall protection systems. To ensure the safety of your personnel, it’s crucial to select the proper anchor point for your particular workplace and requirements. 

We’ll discuss the significance of appropriate anchor point selection, working at height best practice guidelines, and how to find the ideal anchor point for your workplace in this tutorial.

Importance of Proper Anchor Point Installation

Proper anchor point installation and selection are essential for the safety of workers at heights. If there are inadequate or badly installed anchor points, a fall could result in significant injury or even death. It’s crucial to pick anchor points that are suitable for the particular work environment and duties being carried out.

Anchor points are subject to certain restrictions. These include specifications for the stability and integrity of the structure and anchor point systems as well as instructions for the ongoing inspection, testing and compliance of these height safety systems. 

It is the responsibility of the employer to guarantee that the anchor points in the workplace adhere to regulations.

The Best Anchor Point for Your Workplace: How to Choose:

  • Examine the unique demands and responsibilities of your workplace.
  • Take into account the sort of workplace, as well as the surface and structure to which the anchor point will be connected.
  • Determine the number of users and the weight of the load that will be supported by the anchor point.
  • Find anchor points that adhere to guidelines and business norms and select them.

Correct Anchor Point Installation and Maintenance: 

  • For correct anchor point installation, an engineering design review will be carried out along with an onsite inspection and review of the structure, and then one of the NZ Access height safety installers can carry out the installation, testing and certification. 
  • Anchor Points are subject to periodic inspection & maintenance. Frequently will be determined by the environment and type of use for wear or damage.
  • Any anchor points that are worn out or damaged should be isolated from any immediate use.
  • For compliance, NZ Access holds all design reviews, inspection & test reports along with certification records and maintenance schedules.

For your employees’ safety, it is crucial to pick the appropriate anchor points for your workplace. NZ Access can make sure that your anchor points offer a secure and dependable connection point for fall prevention systems by adhering to the New Zealand Standards and appropriately evaluating the unique demands of your workplace. 

Maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of anchor points over time also depends on routine inspections and maintenance.