If you’re participating in a project that requires working at height, at NZ Access we’re experts at ensuring safety whilst getting the job done. Across the engineering sector there is a range of scenarios and activities that requires expert assessments and management. Is your workplace effectively assessing the risk, hazards and correct equipment required for every job?

Personal Safety

Managing height hazards daily in the workplace is critical to ensure employee safety. If a person falls from a height of two metres or more, the likelihood is that serious injuries will be obtained. Working from height is a common activity and there are management techniques that need to be implemented to secure a person working at height. Individuals working within maintenance and construction roles are often at risk of falling. People at risk include individuals that have not been properly trained, individuals undertaking one-off jobs, and work environments that have inadequate edge protection and/or equipment.
Safety – The Right Way

The correct way to safely manage working at height is to first engage with an expert or specialist. The risk needs to be assessed by both the company and the individual involved in the activity. From there, associated workplace hazards can be assessed and a company like NZ Access can recommend the safest solution and equipment based on the purpose and performance requirements. All hazards, risks, and most importantly the safety of the individual user must be taken into account before advising a safety solution. At NZ Access, we adopt this strategy to ensure every employee returns home safely after working at height.  
What Are Falls Arrest Systems?

Fall Arrest Systems, are key to ensuring the safety of individuals working at height. Not only that, they are required by law. These systems allow a person access to conduct their duties but prevent them from reaching a point where a fall could occur. Most often they are positioned more than 2m from the hazard; common practice is for the worker to be connected to the system by a fixed length 1.5m lanyard.

At NZ Access we pride ourselves on our ability to implement safety equipment and offering tailor-designed solutions for all our clients. Find out more or get in touch today.