Fall Protection Systems

NZ Access are approved suppliers of the world’s leading proprietary fall arrest and fall protection systems. This allows us to offer a full range of engineered quality products to protect workers carrying out maintenance and inspection tasks when working at height.
Whether you have a requirement for a single anchor point for servicing an air-condition unit, a roof mounted cable based system to allow building maintenance or an overhead rail system to allow engineers the access on an aircraft, we can provide design, supply, installation and certification solutions for you

Fall Protection Systems and design options

Single Anchor points

NZ Access are approved suppliers, installers and testers of fall arrest and abseil anchor points. We can supply and install a range of eye bolts, purlin mounted designed anchor points and surface mounted sheet metal anchors for domestic or commercial use.
The Permanent surface mounted anchors points are ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at height on roof systems. Fall arrest rated point incorporates a unique energy absorbing swivel eye lanyard attachment point, eliminating snap hook roll-out and providing uniform load distribution to the anchor plate and allowing fixture to light structures and roof decks.

Cable based systems

Proprietary Static line fall arrest systems are suitable for multiple users. These systems provide continuous attachment and effective fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas.
Using surface mounted designed systems, we are able to install cable based systems to a vast majority of roof types and profiles. For roof designs where the surface mounted systems are not the best option we offer a selection of standard plates for fixing to concrete and steel structures, and also the design capabilities for membrane and tile roofing systems.
The main key benefits to these types of designed systems are the advanced energy absorbing and multiple user capabilities, continuous attachment, low profile design and the ability to be installed on a vast majority of roof surfaces

Rail Based Systems

Rail systems can be designed for fall arrest and rope access suitable for multiple users. The overhead rail is a rigid system providing continuous attachment and effective fall protection, with the incorporation of a sealed bearing trolley to ensure effortless operator mobility when used as a rope access or fall arrest system
Rail based systems can offer advantages over cable based systems in certain applications and are especially suited for use in applications with limited fall clearance requiring a fall to be arrested in a very small distance.
Fixed rail systems are commonly used in applications where the requirements for constant fall protection both vertical and horizontal are present. Some of these areas include automotive servicing workshops, water management schemes through to aircraft maintenance centers.

Ladder Fall Arrest Systems

Cable based fall protection in a vertical format is widely used throughout the industry’s requiring constant fall protection on horizontal and inclined sections of plant and equipment.
The design flexibly of our products allows these systems to be installed close to the contours of the vertical structure allowing hands free climbing for the user.
These can be retrofitted to existing ladders and structures allowing continuous attachment up and down the line without disconnection and are ideal for retrofitting to existing structures